Sleep well ...
we supervise everything !

Complementary to the Claas solution, Hosting Power Monitoring is a tool accessible for free and specifically designed
to monitor clusters of containers.

And, of course, it can also supervise your web services !


An API and an interface to monitor both your web services and all the nodes of your clusters

This tool allows you to supervise your microservices and collect / analyze data on all the resources of each node (CPU memory, disks). Aggregated metrics can be exploited through our integrated user interface or through your proprietary tool.



We offer analysis based on ping times
and the logs.

24/7 Supervision

We use HTTP and TCP probes, with intervals of less than or equal to 1 min.


Test and choose the best region (Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada).



Alerts by slack and / or mail to a contact or to a group of contacts.



User-friendly dashboard.


Check the downtimes by selecting your region