Deploying multi-cloud clusters will become child's play !

With Hosting Power ClaaS, you can configure on your own the automatic deployment of your applications hosting and centrally manage all the resources of your clusters of containers: instances, storage and network.



Cloud and containerization tools are complex and require expert profiles to manage them and to monitor the hosting of applications.

Hosting Power ClaaS provides you with all the modules and features you need to accelerate your deployments, optimize the management of your infrastructures and above all ... to simplify the management of your hosting by making it accessible to new user profiles
(Developers, PMs, POs, ...).

A solution to manage the hosting of cloud applications that is
open, hybrid and accessible !

Based on an API and on a fluid and intuitive management console, the fully automated solution relies on robust and proven open source technologies. Designed as an access facilitator to cloud infrastructure, Hosting Power ClaaS is a tool made for all organizations that want to:

  • Deploy micro-services architectures more simply and efficiently
  • Automate Docker clusters deployment and, in doing so, optimize their processes and increase the agility and productivity of their developers
  • Dedicate their resources to value creation and accelerate the launch of new services and applications


« A la carte »

Standard ClaaS packages, Tailor-made or open source

One click

Deployment of a cluster in less than 20 minutes


Portability guaranteed by Open Source technologies


Cluster management through a framework (API, ...) and an administration console


Software (windows/linux), servers (VM/bare metal), hybrid Cloud


Dynamic allocation of nodes and routing according to the state of health of the network

This one-stop solution provides a unified experience for the deployment and management of application-hosting clusters
and guarantees a multi-level hybridity:

  • Multi Providers
  • Cloud Public/Cloud Privé & datacenters
  • VM / Bare metal
  • Windows / Linux OS Resources
  • Containerization engines / Non-containerizable applications

Technical architecture


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